The typical stature of a woman, as currently claimed, is 2 or three inches less than that of a male.

The bones of females remain always smaller-sized than those of men. The cylindrical ones being even more slender, as well as the level ones thinner, while the previous ones are also rounder. The muscles provide the surfaces of the bones much less uneven; the projections of the last are less, and all their cavities and also impacts have much less deepness. The bones of females have likewise much less firmness than those of guys.

Such being the strong and basic parts of this system in female, one of the most impressive scenarios in their combination need to next off be noticed.

In women, the size of the pelvis or reduced part of the trunk has the best impact on the apparent percentage of components, and on the basic number.

One of the most exceptional distinctions between both sexes.

in relation to this system, are subsequently those provided by the substandard and also premium part of the trunk in each. The breast and also the haunches remain in an inverted proportion in both sexes. Guy has the bust bigger and broader than that of woman: the lady has the buttocks much less circumscribed than those of man.

The top part of the body is likewise less famous, and the lower part more popular, in female than in the male; and for that reason, when they stand upright or rest on the back, the bust is most famous in the male, as well as the pubes in the woman. The indicator this affords of the physical fitness of lady for impregnation, pregnancy, and also parturition, is obvious.

For the same cause, the rear of a woman is a lot more hollow.

Still further to enhance the capability of the lower part of the body. The female has the loins a lot more extended than a guy. This section of her body remains by every means enlarged at the expense of neighboring parts. For this reason, the breast is much shorter over; and also the upper legs and also legs are shorter below.

The thigh-bones of women are also extra apart superiorly. The knees are extra approximated; the feet are smaller, and the base of assistance is less prolonged.

The reader wanting to extensively understand these issues, must compare the stunning plates of the male and female skeletal systems by Albinus and also Sœmmerring.

The elegance of the engine system in women depends particularly upon these fundamental facts, as well as those propensities of structure which thus differentiate her from the male.